Third Grade Flash Words Dolch List Flash Words Book 5

Third Grade Flash Words Dolch List Flash Words Book 5

Book Detail :

These flashcards make it easy and funny to read with your child everywhere and everywhere. The oversized cards are big enough to be seen on any electronic device from iPhones, Kindles, iPads!

Plus these cards have a skip function! This means that you can simply click on a hyperlink and switch to another word in the section. An easy way to keep your toes on!

Amount 5 words contained in this book:

If, long, about, have, six, never, seven, eight, today, even, much, keep, try, start, ten, bring, drink, only, only better, keep, hot, full, done, light, select, hurt, cut, kind, dropped, carry, small, own, show, hot, far, draw, clean, open, together, should, laugh

What are visual words? Many of the most commonly used words in English are hard to spot, and instead, need to be recognized “on sight” for a child to become a practiced reader. Seen words may also be known by other names, including high-frequency words, dagger words (named after Edward William Dagger, Ph.D., who first compiled the list in 1936), Fry words (named after Dr. Edward B. Fry, who the list updated) in 1996), instant words, star words and more! The faster your child recognizes these critical words, the better, practice, practice, practice!


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